Visions Cares

The HEART of Visions Hotels is our people. We actively engage our employees, our guests, and those in the communities we serve.

Maintaining “Community and Global Focus” is a Visions Hotels Guiding Principle because we remember our own humble beginnings and understand the cruciality of the help of others. We understand that it may “take a village” to help raise children and support families just as it, in turn, takes a village to support our own business.

As community partners, Visions Hotels is here to embrace our people and offer that helping hand. For these reasons, we created the Visions Cares umbrella of programs. Visions Cares is made up of 3 main programs:


In addition to the Visions Cares programs described above, Visions team members frequently volunteer and support other organizations. We regularly participate and support events such as Relay for Life, Food Banks, and other local charitable organizations.

Visions Hotels seeks ways to offer our help. If any of our programs can help you or a friend, please contact us. We regularly check our inbox and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Please allow 2-4 business days for a response.